Es del film "Powder blue" que akguien compiló antes de que salga seguro ripeando el dvd.

“Heartbreak Hotel”
Written by Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden & Elvis Presley

“Amor Porteno”
Written by Christoph Hermann Muellar, Eduardo Makaroff & Philippe Cohen-Solal
Performed by Gotan Project
Album: Lunatico

Written by G. Ghabasse & Jack Rotor
Performed by Dream Electro
Album: La Maison De L’Elephant

Written by Peter Akinrinlola & Imogen Heap
Performed by Urban Species & Imogen Heap
Album: Blanket

“Deck the Halls”
Arranged by Alain Leroux

“Collar Bone”
Written by David Best, Stephen Lewis & Matthew Hainsby
Performed by Fujiya & Miyagi
Album: Transparent things

“Get Busy”
Written by Vicky Karagiorgos & Ashley Anderson
Performed by Vassy
Album: My Affection

Written by Steffen Aaskoven, Marc George Anderson, Jon Anton Anderson, Torsten Jacobsen, Adam Seltzmayer & Sophie Barker
Performed by Bliss
Album: Hed kandi: Winterchill 01.04

“Never Meant To Hurt You”
Written by Kuba Oms & Darren Glover
Performed by Kuba Oms
Album: How much time

“It’s Your Kisses”
Written by Joe Faraci
Performed by Joe Faraci

“O Christmas Tree”
Arranged by Tamir Hendelman
Performed by Tamir Hendelman

“Right Here, Right Now”
Written by Simon J. Hunter
Performed by Simon J. Hunter

“The Werewolf”
Written by Michael Hurley
Performed by Cat Power
Album: You are Free

“Flying With You”
Written by Saint Le Roq
Performed by Saint Le Roq

“Since You’ve Been Gone”
Written by Steve Lang
Performed by Steve Lang

Written by Alison Sudol & Aaron Zigman
Performed by A Fine Frenzy

“The Woman Is The Way”
Written by Patrick Muldoon & Neil G. Ives
Performed by Muldoon, Ivs, Pettus, Wollam

“Danzo Bayamo”
Written by Manuel Barreras
Performed by Manuel Barreras


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